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Dance Performance
Hot, Warm & Deep

Beautiful, bold, courageous, moving, intense, intimate performance…demanding and holding of me in the audience… I cried and laughed
JR, Director

A truly accomplished and inspiring piece of work. I loved the way it began with stillness and then developed into a dramatic episode which was so beautifully expressed through movement. It had a real quality and maturity of conception which gripped me from the beginning. This form of story telling is very accessible and interesting, an amazing mature piece of work. She tranformed herself into art…incredibly well-judged, conceived and executed.
AG, Musician

I loved the weaving together of words and movement, especially the incorporation of such subtle gestures from everyday life. It was a very original piece, which kept me gripped throughout. Sue Glasser moves so beautifully and expressively. Images from the piece will stay with me for a very long time. I hope she will keep working in this way - I think she has a very rich seam to mine here and is exploring things in a fascinating and engrossing way.
GL, Lecturer

Wondrous Oblivion

The choreography was instrumental in building the mood of the film. The dance scenes were electric and sensual and at the same time beautifully restrained.
RP, Consultant

I thoroughly enjoyed the dancing scenes and wanted to join in - and I am someone who takes some persuading to get on the dance floor. It just looked such fun.
CG, Designer