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I grew up in South Africa then graduated from the Royal Ballet and London Contemporary Dance Schools. My dance career spans Classical, Contemporary, musicals, theatre, film, television, ethnic dance and improvisation. Work as a choreographer includes the feature film Wondrous Oblivion, by Oscar-nominated director Paul Morrison, with dance scenes set to the rockin’ Ska music of the late 50’s/early 60’s.

After training in Humanistic Psychotherapy I pioneered the first Applied Psychotherapy qualification in the UK. I combine this with my experience as a dancer and choreographer to provide consultancy, coaching and facilitation.

Movement at Work is the approach I use to transpose the theatrical model of creativity and performance to the corporate and non-profit sectors. This programme provides pragmatic problem-solving and growth for organisations, groups and individuals.

I support people from all walks of life to develop their relationship and influencing skills through conversation and creativity, including the use of physicality and movement.

During ongoing visits to South Africa since the ending of Apartheid in 1994, I continue to assist recovery and change using movement to transcend barriers of language, ethnicity and cultural diversity.

I create programmes to suit needs, culture, contexts and abilities