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Movement at Work

~ a powerful catalyst for insight and change


Sometimes we tend to treat our bodies as if they are just something convenient on which to carry our heads. In fact we are a whole organism, having whole body responses every moment of our lives, just as animals do. Therefore our bodies are a resource for information about our moment-to-moment experiences. Once we increase our awareness of our body information, we have more options to deal with whatever arises.

Embodying Experience

get moving
take a stand
be flexible
go with gut instinct
feel a rush of adrenalin
get hot under the collar
walk tall
have backbone
speak from your heart
be well-balanced
deserve a pat on the back
walk the talk
radiate energy

These are actual bodily events, not concepts

 is a reminder that we exist in our bodies and that we are a continuum of movement. We have the ability to notice our every 'now' so that what is not so obvious may become more evident.

What It Is

Non-verbal communication is a universal language ~ ‘body language’ ~ and a rich source of information with which to create authentic engagement and energised performance

Movement comes to us naturally. We have all been moving longer than we have been breathing ~ since before we were born ~ and we are moving one hundred per cent of the time, even when sleeping. Our bodies are integral to our reality: everything we ever experience in life happens in and through our bodies.

The information held in the dynamics of our movements and the sensations of our bodies is a resource that never leaves us, yet it is vastly underused in our thought-dominated culture. Movement at Work redresses that balance and delivers solutions through the use and understanding of the power of our physicality in everyday situations.

How It Works

By becoming aware of our body language, movement and physical presence we gain constant feedback about what is actually going on and what the possibilities for change may be. I use clear and sensitive conversation to help participants originate ideas, solve problems and build skills with interest and enthusiasm.

The results are improved leadership, creativity, productivity and presentation. In an atmosphere of reduced stress and greater well-being, change is managed to afford the individual, team and organisation increased rewards and greater satisfaction.

Solutions that emerge from within