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What Clients Say
Movement at Work

I deliver Coaching and Consultancy to corporate and
non-profit organisations in the UK and South Africa…

Carlson Advertising  
CSR Conference at London School of Economics  
ICRAF World Agroforestry Centre, Kenya  
Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University  
Jazzart Dance Theatre  
Lifeline Counsellors  
Mindspring Computing  
Open Workshops ~ University of Cape Town,
South African College of Applied Psychology,
Novalis Ubuntu Institute, The Learning Centre
Peabody Trust  
PKF Accountants  
Remix Dance Company  
RNIB Corporate Training  
Save The Children  
St Luke’s Hospice  
The Harwood Group  
Vodacom South Africa  


You brought life to the group and energised us.
LW, Senior Employment Officer

I found the relaxation aspect of your session very beneficial – I wished the session could have been longer.
NG, Team Leader

I really like the way you blend into a group as soon as you meet them.
JR, Head of Corporate Training

I was inspired and I will certainly go away with a different understanding of my body.
AB, Management Accountant

Thank you for making me aware that relaxing and focussing is an essential part of making me a better employee and manager.
MP, Events Manager

I totally enjoyed your session. I think you should spread the word!
MD, Team Leader, Transcription

An enlightening insight into an area that is new to me. Clear and dynamic presentation.
SM, Team Leader

Thanks for bringing something to the course (and my life!) that I don’t often think about. I’ll practise my non-aggressive assertion!
CC, Welfare Rights Officer

A real eye-opener for me about how much effect the body has.
DL, Marketing Manager